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Adopt 3 Mature Palm Trees

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Adopt and help protect 3 mature fruit producing palm trees in the area the BRI project parrots are being released. As we release parrots into the area these mature fruit producing trees are especially important. Even as we plant new seeds and seedlings it takes 7 or 8 years for them to produce fruit the birds can eat. So, in the mean time, the existing mature trees in the area are especially important to the birds.

Help us support the parrots BRI is releasing into areas they once lived but are gone from by providing the trees they need for food and to nest in. Many parrot species rely heavily on a few species of trees for food and many only nest in the holes of old growth trees or the remaining trunk of a dead palm tree that was at least 25 years old. Since so many have been cut down, there are less food sources and the birds don’t have as many places to put their eggs and raise their hatchlings.

One of the projects we have going right now is planting more trees for the birds we are releasing via BRI release projects. The idea is that as we add new birds each year and then as these birds start reproducing the larger flock of birds will need additional food supply and eventually more nesting sites so they have a place to roost and live.

It is not enough to just prepare and release the birds into an area they once lived. We must also make sure there are enough nesting sites (suitable trees) and food sources – preferably not farmers corn fields.

These trees will be planted in out of the way locations on local land owners property – along fence lines, next to roads, not in corn fields, etc. – and deforested ares near our release sites that need reforesting.

We must also make sure the community needs are factored in. Many of the people in these areas live on less than $1 per day. Most don’t have running water or electricity. The local subsistence farmer may have cut down palm trees to make room to grow corn to feed his family but it would be unwise to assume the farmer is happy to share his corn with the birds.

Economic poverty in the release area can result in the birds being captured (for sale, food or pets) or killing of the released birds. So, it becomes imperative that the community members in the release areas realize economic gains from these projects.
This tree planting program gives these communities a meaningful financial benefit and encourages them to value and support the released birds.

Your tree will help families of birds grow for many years to come!


More Details:
Successful parrot conservation projects must address four main issues:
1) animal preparation and the release process itself (which our experts do),
2) habitat suitability, food supply and breeding opportunities (tree cavities used for nests),
3) the human factor, community support,
4) project funding.
When you help us plant palm trees, you help us accomplish all four of these objectives for BRI project macaws and 50 other species of birds for generations to come.
“Society grows great when old men plant trees under whose shade they know they shall never sit.”
Greek proverb.

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