About Us

An Amazing Journey That Changed Birds Lives World Wide!

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our web site knows they are not only helping their own unique, one-of-a-kind, animal but also many pet birds and many species of parrots on the brink of extinction.

Before I created my first web site, I never thought much about endangered birds. I rode around the streets of Washington on my motorcycle with my parrot on my shoulder.

People were fascinated by my bird being able to do that and be out of home safely, so I started teaching people what I know about taking their birds out of doors in a way that kept them safe.

Free-flying pet parrots was considered controversial and only a handful of us were doing it at the time.

For many years I was concerned that I didn’t know enough to legitimately help others via classes. Now I am not only recognized internationally as a prominent teacher, I am also initiating and conducting legitimate parrot conservation projects based on the concepts I teach.

I had no idea if the info I had would be accepted by other biologists or parrot owners, but I knew it needed to be available so that you could make clear choices about what works for your unique situation.

I was clear to me from the start that I wasn’t the only bird owner who had concerns about giving our birds the best life possible.

I decided I set out to create the most thorough, detailed, objective, science-based resources in my trainings for the most concerned and dedicated bird owners in the world — Owners who really want ALL the information so they can make the most educated choices for their feathered friends.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Through a relationship breakup I lost my show, all my birds and aviary (where I rescued birds people didn’t want) and had to start over again. 

I lived in my RV while I rebuilt my show – built a new pirate ship for the show, collected and trained new birds for the show, built a massive new aviary where I could rescue unwanted birds, and continued teaching what I know about free flight and keeping your birds safe outdoors during flight.

Governments complicated and delayed our conservation efforts.

It took me 12 years from the time I set up BRI (our non-profit) before we obtained our permits for our first breed and release conservation project in Brazil.

Through it all, I…

  • Continued doing educational parrot shows at schools, and county and state fairs across the country;
  • Conducted free-flight training seminars in France, Portugal, Holland,  and Brazil;
  • Inspired others to teach my methods after they had great success with it; 
  • Published a peer reviewed scientific paper;
  • Am writing my new book and training manual on understanding parrot and bird behavior;
  • Continued our parrot rescue, accepting birds that need new homes;
  • And initiated breed and release conservation re-introduction projects in Honduras and Brazil through our small non-profit, Bird Recovery International (BRI).

Best of all the response has been pure love from everyone who sees our birds and what we are doing. They are thrilled to know all the options in a clear way for their own birds, and have found a great way to help save wild birds from extinction.

We love and appreciate every one of our supporters and students and are always working to be on the leading edge of what is possible in the avian world.

Chris Biro

Parrots: More than pets, friends for life.